Welcome to Upstairs Van Aken

Retreat Upstairs at Van Aken. Situated within Shaker Height’s new downtown—Upstairs offers a generous and contemporary collection of apartments designed for living well.

Upstairs at Van Aken is more than just a place to live – it’s a way of life, where your front yard is an eclectic gathering of local shopkeepers, artisans and James Beard Award-winning chefs. Walk out your front door into the heart of Shaker Heights, Ohio and find yourself immersed in a community unlike any other; where historic charm and modern wonder come together, just like the people who live here. Upstairs at Van Aken is redefining apartment home living – whether you’re just settling into your own place or you’re ready to downsize without compromise, it’s time to define your kind of city living, where the true amenity is the way living here makes you feel.